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Statement November 11, 2021

World Bank Group Anti-Racism Charter


ľӰԺ Group Anti-Racism Charter was launched externally today as part of Law, Justice, and Development Week, an annual event that focuses this year on Law, Racial Equity, and Development.

The Charter was created in response to recommendations from the World Bank Group Anti-Racism Task Force, whose mandate is to provide concrete recommendations to the president and senior leadership on how to end racism and racial discrimination within the organization and its programs and communities.  The Task Force was set up in 2020 by Bank Group President David Malpass and is chaired by Sandie Okoro, Bank Group Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

In announcing the Charter to the public, Ms. Okoro said, ľӰԺ Group Anti-Racism Charter is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to combat racism in our workplaces, development work, and local communities. It clearly articulates our stance on racism and racial discrimination, and it reinforces our vision of the institution we aspire to be.

The President's Office and the Office of the General Counsel led in producing the Charter, with input from stakeholders across the organization.

The text of the Charter is as follows:




Principle One

ľӰԺ Group commits to zero tolerance of racism and racial discrimination in all forms and contexts.

Principle Two

Tackling institutional racism and racial discrimination in all forms and contexts is fundamental to achieving the World Bank Groups twin goals of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Principle Three

ľӰԺ Group commits to tackling racism and racial discrimination and promoting equality and equity for all with respect to its organization and management, including in decisions regarding recruitment and talent development.

Principle Four

ľӰԺ Group seeks to promote the inclusion of all and to tackle racism and racial discrimination through the projects, programs and investments it finances in order to respond effectively to development challenges and promote sustainable development.

Principle Five

ľӰԺ Group seeks to promote inclusion and tackle racial discrimination in the communities in which we live and work through effective community engagement.

Principle Six

ľӰԺ Group recognizes that racism and racial discrimination are morally condemnable, contrary to our Core Values, and illegal under both international law and the laws of most of its member countries. 


ľӰԺ Group Anti-Racism Charter is available in 13 language versions: