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Foundation and Private Sector Partnerships

The Power of Joining Forces

Philanthropists and businesses work with the World Bank to accelerate, broaden, and deepen the work that needs to be done to achieve our shared goal of ending poverty on a livable planet. Your investment of knowledge, ingenuity, and financial resources together with our expertise, reach, and investment is a powerful combination. It enables low- and middle-income countries to achieve their goals in areas including climate, food security, education, health, energy, and digitalization to the benefit of their people. It enables building economies that yield jobs, opportunity, prosperity. 

There are multiple ways to partner with us, including both financial and non-financial collaboration: 

  • Financing: ľӰԺs lending and grantmaking operations are vital for low and middle-income countries to serve their people. You can help deliver on unmet, urgent need through a range of financial instruments or by designing investments that work in parallel to ours for complementary, compound impact.
  • Knowledge: ľӰԺ is also a knowledge bank -- and the work we do to provide advisory services and knowledge to partner governments and to share with others in the development community makes a difference. It drives the speed and effectiveness of development, and the growth of economies and job opportunities. This is where private sector and foundation knowledge and ingenuity come in. Pooling our know-how improves the quality and range of assistance governments receive.   
  • Voice: Help us advocate for more support to client governments, including raising visibility for our , a fund for the worlds low-income countries that urgently needs to grow to meet demand.

The world has been losing ground in the fight against poverty. ľӰԺ is focused on increasing, improving, and accelerating what we do to meet the moment. But none of us can do it alone, and, so often, partnerships can make all the difference.

Lets work together. We invite you to explore partnership opportunities with the World Bank that fit your strategic priorities. Please contact the World Bank Private Sector and Philanthropy Partnerships Team to learn more.


The Power of Now

The development challenges were taking on are tremendous, but surmountable. And they are urgent: Development delayed is development denied.

And now is an especially good time to partner with the World Bank. We're quickening our pace, increasing our efficiency, and simplifying our processes. We have a new playbook to guide us. And were creating more entry points for partnerships, including with the private sector and the philanthropic community. 

Now is when support is needed for countries to weather the big, urgent, intertwined crisespoverty, climate change, debt, conflict, food insecurity, fragility, pandemic recoveryand come out the other side with real improvement in peoples lives and in the health and livability of the planet. We need to make up lost ground. Those crises have set back decades of development progress that had lifted more than one billion people out of poverty.

Shared Agenda

Our vision is a world free of poverty on a livable planet. Were focused on five key areas:

  • People, including education, health, and social programs.
  • Prosperity, including jobs, access to credit for small businesses, financial inclusion, and capital market development.
  • Planet, including climate mitigation and adaptation.
  • Infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and more.
  • Digital infrastructure, including digital government.

Running throughout all our work is a drive for gender equality, jobs for young people, and reducing carbon emissions.

Contact Us

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact the World Bank Group Partnerships Team.

Featured Expert

Anna Thompson-Quaye

Lead, Partnerships-Private Sector, Foundations and Think Tanks